Many homeowners underestimate the importance of their garage door, not realizing how much of an impact it can have on the aesthetic appeal of their property and how it is viewed by guests and passersby. If you are currently in the process of looking for a replacement, you might want to consider carriage garage doors. They are steadily increasing in popularity and add an elegance to the exterior of your home that is unrivaled by other types of garage doors.

What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

Carriage garage doors originate from the period when modern day vehicles didn’t exist and horse and carriage was the preferred mode of transport. Rather than having garages that house housed a Ford, Volkswagen or a Toyota, properties had carriage houses where carriages were stored when not in use. Carriage garage doors as we know them today are modeled on the doors that were found on these buildings, which were typically made from solid wood and featured hardware made from wrought iron that was carefully styled using a range of elegant designs and patterns.

Different Types of Carriage Garage Doors

Back in the old days there was only one type of carriage house door, which are also known as swing style doors, but now there are a couple of different options you could consider for your home in Edmonton, each characterized by the type of opening mechanism they use.

  • Traditional Style Carriage Doors – Today it’s still possible to buy the traditional style of carriage door for your property, which feature two doors that are hinged on each side and swing open in much the same manner as the front door of your house. It’s also possible to have carriage garage doors installed that slide open if your garage is especially large.
  • Modern Style Carriage Doors – The traditional style doors aren’t practical for many property owners since they require a significant amount of clearance when being opened. Modern style carriage doors combine the appearance of the traditional style with a more modern opening and closing mechanism that allows the door to be stored overhead.

Benefits of Carriage Garage Doors

Why exactly should you opt to have a carriage door fitted at your Edmonton property over other types?

  • Range of Design Options – Carriage doors are extremely aesthetically pleasing and are capable of enhancing the exterior of your property, in addition to being able to fit in with a range of styles including modern, historic and rustic.
  • Numerous Material Options – You can have your carriage garage door made from any one of a range of different materials, selecting one that is able to tolerate locate weather conditions in Edmonton and achieve the appearance that you desire. Wood is the standard material used for these doors but they can also be produced using steel or a type of wood composite.
  • Energy Efficient – Traditional style carriage doors are among the most energy efficient available, helping to keep warm air inside, insulating your garage and lowering energy bills.

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