Garage doors are not only responsible for safeguarding items that you keep inside your garage, but they also have to be visually appealing since they often feature prominently at the front of a property. It therefore goes without saying that garage doors need to be selected carefully, as opting for the wrong style or model of door could not only put you at risk of burglary, but it could also potentially have a negative impact on the exterior of your home, which would affect its market value. Overhead garage doors represent the vast majority of your options and there are several different types for you to choose from.

The Different Types of Overhead Garage Doors You Can Choose

There are numerous different types of garage door that fall into this category, but the most common include:

  • Retractable Garage Doors – The door itself is a single panel that moves in an outward direction before being guided upwards and over your head into its stored position. When fully open the entire door is completely housed inside the garage.
  • Roller Garage Doors – Roller garage doors are constructed in a similar manner to the retractable shutters you sometimes see on the windows of a property, with the door being made out of numerous narrow sections that are all interlinked. To open this type of door you simply roll it up and it doesn’t require the installation of a special track.
  • Canopy Garage Doors – Just like retractable garage doors, canopy doors feature a track that the door runs along and they are opened and closed in much the same way. The difference is that when running along these tracks canopy doors don’t swing outwards and when in the open position a portion of the door juts out from the mouth of the garage.
  • Sectional Garage Doors – Possibly the most commonly selected type of overhead garage door, these doors are made up of several sections that are connected using hinges, and utilize a rail mechanism to open and close the door.

Benefits of Overhead Garage Doors

Each type of overhead garage door has its own sets of advantages, but in general overhead garage doors are a good choice because:

  • Space Efficient – It’s important to use space wisely in a garage, which is often a cluttered work space, and as overhead garage doors are stored horizontally on the ceiling, they free up additional space in your garage that can be used as extra work space or to store more items.
  • Diverse Range of Styles – Due to them being the most popular type of garage door, there is a diverse range of designs and styles available, meaning you are almost sure to find one that enhances the appearance of your property.
  • Weather Resistant – If you live in Edmonton or the surrounding area it’s important to select a garage door that can tolerate local weather conditions, and overhead garage doors are the best choice in this regard.

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