Garage doors, just like anything else, will eventually show signs of wear and tear no matter how well made they are. Sometimes damage will be purely aesthetic, while on other occasions a fault could develop that stops the door functioning as it should. As the garage door is often responsible for securing a range of valuable items that are stored in the garage, it is vital that faults are repaired to a professional standard using the correct equipment, as improper repair could lead to the problem re-occurring, reduce the energy efficiency of your garage or even make it easier for intruders to gain access.

Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Your garage door could cease to function properly for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common problems we get asked to deal with include:

  • Spring Replacement – One of the most common garage door repair tasks that we perform. Springs are vital to the proper functioning of your garage door, heavily involved when the door is opened and closed. It is not uncommon for them to break though, making it almost impossible to open or close the door.
  • Broken Cables – Cables are similarly important and help to raise your garage door up. The strain that they are put under on a continual basis can eventually result in them giving way. Replacement cables need to be fitted by a professional otherwise your garage door could be a health and safety risk.
  • Damaged Rollers – Given the amount of pressure that is put on them, it’s not surprising that rollers can eventually become bent or completely broken, making it difficult to open your garage door.
  • Damaged Track – For garage door systems that utilize a track, it is imperative that it is properly aligned. Sometimes the position of the track can move or the track can become bent, which can put additional stress on other components. This can result in further damage if not dealt with quickly.
  • Replacement of Weather Seal – While it may look insignificant, the weather seal plays a vital role, making your garage more energy efficient and providing a more comfortable environment. Typically made from rubber, this can wear out over time and will need replacing. This is particularly important in Edmonton to keep out the cold winter temperatures.
  • Replacement of Door Panel – Has one of the panels on the front of the door become damaged? While this will not affect the functioning of your garage door, it does look unsightly and can detract from the appearance of the exterior of your home.

Prestige Doors: The Garage Door Repair Specialists

Prestige Doors is renowned for the speed and efficiency of its garage door repair service and offers some of the most competitive rates in Edmonton and the surrounding area. If you would like further information or want to arrange an appointment,

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