Garage doors are generally visualized in a residential setting, protecting cars, gardening equipment and DIY tools, but they have a number of commercial applications too. Commercial garage doors differ from residential garage doors in several aspects of their design and generally feature a more heavy duty construction. If you are searching for a reputable contractor that you can depend on to carry out a high class installation or repair job to ensure your commercial premises are totally secure, Prestige Doors is the company to call.

How Do Residential Garage Doors and Commercial Garage Doors Differ?

Working with a company specializing in residential garage doors would be a big mistake if you require a garage door for a commercial application as they are designed and manufactured with different end goals in mind. Prestige Doors offers a vast range of commercial garage doors and has worked with countless businesses in the Edmonton area. We always advise our clients that:

    • Garage doors used in a commercial environment are subjected to considerably more use than residential garage doors, meaning they need to be extremely durable.
    • Commercial garage doors are designed with function in mind rather than form, and don’t typically feature elaborate design patterns.

How Prestige Doors Can Help You to Choose the Perfect Commercial Garage Doors

Prestige Doors provides the best possible solution to every client by first investing some time to fully understand their needs. This involves coming out to your location to inspect the site where the garage door will be installed and to acquire other key pieces of information such as:

    • How frequently the door will be used
    • What the door will be responsible for protecting
    • The budget you have available and how long you expect the door to last
    • Whether the door needs to provide a high level of thermal insulation
    • Once we have an in-depth understanding of your requirements we will make a few suggestions based on that information, but ultimately the choice is yours. We always advise our clients to take the following factors into consideration:
    • Material – The material needs to be carefully selected as it not only needs to be able to put up with frequent use, but it also needs to be able to tolerate weather conditions in Edmonton. Steel is often a popular choice since it is extremely durable, low maintenance and one of the more economical options.
    • Type of Door – There are several different commercial door styles to choose from, these include sliding, overhead, folding, roll-up and sectional. The best choice will depend on how the door is going to be used, but by far the most popular choice across North America is the sectional door.
    • Insulation – It’s important for any business to keep its running costs down and by choosing an insulated garage door you can do just that, as it will help to cut down heating and cooling costs.
    • Automation – Prestige Doors also offers a range of garage door openers that can help make your business run more efficiently by opening the door automatically for you.

Interested in commercial garage doors services, call Prestige Doors at (780) 665-4666.